Prof. Dr. Frank Noé

Prof. Dr. Frank Noé

Freie Universität Berlin
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Arnimallee 6
14195 Berlin
Phone: +49 (30) 838 75354
Fax: +49 (30) 838 75869

Research Area

Computational Biophysics

Position and Status

Professor (W2)

Scholarships and awards

2015 -             Adjunct professor position, Dept. Chemistry, Rice University Houston
2012               Two offers for full professorships (Univ. Luxembourg und Univ. Stuttgart, rejected) Offer for W2 Professorship (FU Berlin, accepted)
2012               ERC Starting Grant
2007               "Eliteprogramm für Postdoktoranden" of the federal foundation of Baden-Württemberg
2006               Offer for permanent group leader position at staff scientists level, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TN, USA (rejected)
2006               Postdoctoral stipend in BIOMS, Heidelberg (3 years, 1 year realized)
2000 - 2002    Research fellowship, CIT Cork, Ireland

Academic Education

2000 - 2000   Study of Computing (Informatik), Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland
1996 - 1999   Study of electrical engineering, Berufsakademie Stuttgart


University Degrees

2006   Dr. rer. nat. in Informatik und Biophysik (summa cum laude), Universität Heidelberg. Betreuer: Jeremy C. Smith und Gerhard Reinelt
2002   Master of Science in Computing, Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland (Supervisor: Paul Rothwell)
1999   Diplom Ingenieur (BA) in Elektrotechnik. Berufsakademie Stuttgart (Supervisor: Alexander Götz)



2013 -            W2 Professor for mathematical modeling in the life sciences, FU Berlin
2009              W2 Guest professor at IWR Heidelberg as substitute for the chair "scientific computing in the life sciences"
2007 - 2013   Nachwuchsgruppenleiter im DFG-Forschungszentrum "Matheon - Mathematik für Schlüsseltechnologien", FU Berlin
2006 - 2007   Postdoctoral fellow in BIOMS Heidelberg (Modeling and Simulation in the Biosciences)
2002 - 2005   Scientific assistant (predoc) at IWR Heidelberg
2000 - 2002   Lecturer in Computer Science at Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland
1999 - 2000   Scientific assistant (predoc) at Institute for New Media, Frankfurt

Project management

2009              Organizer of the international workshop "Molecular Kinetics"
2011 -            PI, DFG collaborative research center 958 "Scaffolding of Membranes"
2009 - 2012   Fundraising and funding director for the CECAM node "Scientific computing in the molecular sciences" at FU Berlin
2009 -            PI, DFG collaborative research center 740 "From Molecules to Modules"
2008 -            Faculty member, International Max-Planck graduate school for computational biology and scientific computing
2008 - 2010   PI, DFG collaborative research center 449 "Structure and function of membrane receptors"
2007 - 2014   PI in the DFG research center Matheon

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