Molecular switches regulating stress granule oscillation. Stress granules (SGs) are cytosolic aggregates that arise as a result of translation suppression in response to various stress conditions. The team of A. Ruggieri / G. Stoecklin discovered that chronic infection by RNA viruses leads to oscillating SG formation with an on/off pattern that is regulated by the antagonistic action of two main switches, Protein Kinase R and GADD34, a regulatory subunit of Protein Phosphatase 1. By combining time-resolved imaging, quantitative measurements and mathematical modeling, the team proposes to define the molecular principles that govern the frequency and stochasticity of SG oscillation, and elucidate how oscillating stress responses serve as a cellular strategy to mount an effective anti-viral program while maintaining cellular homeostasis.


Dr. Alessia Ruggieri (Med. Fakultät Heidelberg)
Prof. Dr. Georg Stoecklin (Med. Fakultät Mannheim / Heidelberg)