PhD Student Board

PhD Board_Bojana Pavlovic

Bojana Pavlovic

Heidelberg (Boutros Lab at MedFak Heidelberg)

PhD Board_Christian Gabriel

Christian Gabriel

Berlin (Kramer Lab at Charité Berlin)

PhD Board_Vera Magg

Vera Magg

Heidelberg (Ruggieri Lab at MedFak Heidelberg)

PhD Board_Friederike Kohrs

Friederike Kohrs

Berlin (Hiesinger Lab at FU Berlin)

Previous Student Board

From November 2016 to April 2019 the previous PhD Student Board, Dr. Sina Barysch (Melchior Lab at ZMBH), Gülce Gülcüler (Martin-Villalba Lab at DKFZ), Eliot Morisson (Freund Lab at FU berlin) and Tim Hempel (Noé/Plattner Lab at FU Berlin) represented the PhD students of the TRR186 and successfully organized two PhD/Postdoc meetings in Berlin and Heidelberg.

PhD Student Board Mailing list

There is a mailing list of the PhD Student Board. By subscribing to this it, you confirm that you are a PhD student or post doc in the TRR186 research consortium. Please follow the instructions on this page.