Temporal control of spliceosome activity to modulate splicing switches during T cell activation and serum stimulation. Upon stimulation, cells quickly alter their gene expression programs due to transient changes in transcription elicited by post-translational modification of transcription factors. However, concerted splicing changes immediately following cellular stimulation and the underlying triggers, i.e. post-translational modifications of spliceosome components, have not yet been characterized. This project aims at elucidating the nature and the precise causes of concerted splicing switches shortly after cellular stimulation and their acute manipulation using strategies based on photo-destructible morpholinos, reversible chemical dimerizers and switchable small molecule inhibitors. The results will contribute to our understanding of the functional consequences of concerted splicing changes in a system-wide manner.


Prof. Dr. Florian Heyd (FU Berlin)
Prof. Dr. Markus Wahl (FU Berlin)